Avocado Toast

Just a quick post today as I’m running in a million and one directions getting used to balancing my new job, mom duties, and my health & wellness biz- while still trying to have a clean house- HA! Anyways, avocado toast is all the rage amongst clean eaters lately and for good reason. Healthy fats, sprouted grains, and veggies = energy for your body that doesn’t sacrifice the yum factor. There are tons of ways you can modify avocado toast. This is just one of my favorite ways to enjoy it.



Recipe (if you can call it that since there’s no cooking involved!)

1 piece of sprouted grain toast (Ezekial is my fave brand)

1/2 organic avocado

1 tsp chia seed

2 slices organic heirloom tomato

Sea salt and pepper to taste 


1. Toast your bread

2. Score the avocado and scoop it out onto the toast

3. Spread (smash) the avocado onto the toast with a knife and sprinkle with salt and pepper and the chia

4. Top with tomato and sprinkle again with sea salt

And that’s it! I like mine with a little side of fresh greens and balsamic. Like I said, an easy, super healthy meal option. As always, enjoy!



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